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What you need to know before reading this blog....

  • This blog will not be well formatted or pretty.  I have five kids and don't have the time or patience to dedicate to proper blog appearance.  Sometimes a post will end abruptly.  Because snacks or something.  I probably won't proofread either.

  • Cast of characters: Abigail (14), Paige (12), Kaleb (11), Cynthia (7), Eleanor  (7)

  • There is zero chance of me writing without interruption.  To illustrate my point, each time I am interrupted, I will type the word "Drink."  There is no rhyme or reason to the word I chose except that I was just wondering how many hours until cocktail time.  Plus, you can make a drinking game out of it as you read!

  • Drink (yes, I was seriously just interrupted after explaining this very prediction) of their tablets took too long to load and based on the shrieking, you'd honestly think the house was burning down

  • James, my husband, is much more even keeled than I am.  He is keeping me grounded, but that doesn't mean I won't sometimes go off the deep end.  And by sometimes I mean frequently.

  • This blog was started during peak Covid lockdown and was revived in 2022 simply because I missed expressing my triumphs, failures, and frustrations of parenthood.

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