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This is me today.

Here's why:

Like many people over spring break, we were supposed to be in Florida today. Instead, we woke up ON APRIL 18TH to a covering of snow (slush really). And guess what happens in our house when there is even the (drink) most pathetic layer of snow on the ground?


There's the kid who makes every single thing he does more complicated than it has to be.

The kid who forgot pants. (Drink) Again.

The dancing kid (and a sneak picture of Abigail, who wanted nothing to do with the snow expedition...sorry Abigail).

And the kid inside making whipped coffee (and in no mood for a picture).

Their jaunt outside lasted exactly two minutes. I timed them. Slush doesn't make a very good snowman and when they took their shoes (drink) off to jump on the trampoline, they got frostbite. Or so they said. Which, of course, meant hot chocolate for everyone! Question: is hot chocolate still hot chocolate if you put a bunch of ice cubes in so as not to burn your tongue? Why don't we just have chocolate milk? Happens every time. I don't get it.

Then there's the aftermath.

And, of course, those two minutes really worked up an appetite, so in addition to the six pieces of toast Kaleb had for breakfast, he had (drink) four more. A toilet overflow situation in the near future is imminent.

That is all. (Drink)

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