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I've had so many WTF moments (drink) these past few days, I thought I would dedicate an entire post to those three letters. Upon publishing the post, I realized this is the second post by this name. So. I guess these three letters are kinda standard for me lately. It started when James sent the picture below with the captain: No words. Just letters. WTF

I was just as confused. If you look closely, you'll note that the doors are being tied shut, not with a rope or string as one would normally use when barricading the dining room. Instead, they were very (drink) resourceful and repurposed a headphone wire. So....I guess we'll steer clear of the dining room until further notice.

A few days later, James came into the house shaking his head muttering something along the lines of, "I never thought those words would come out of my mouth." "Care to elaborate?" I asked. In a nutshell, the hand soap (drink) from the bathroom had gone missing. Come to discover that Kaleb had led his younger sisters on a mission to sanitize Sally. Who's Sally? you ask. Sally is one of the many salamanders the kids fished out of the pool filter and housed (drink) in one of my Tupperware containers. They have "rescued" a number of little lizards, all creatively dubbed the same name. Most of the Sallys managed to escape; a few have died. But this particular Sally had a small (drink)) taste of freedom before being recaptured, at which point the three stooges decided she was in need of a good cleaning after her run in with a muddy puddle. So the words that James can't believe he uttered were, "We don't use hand soap to clean salamanders!" I have no words. Only letters.

Then there was the makeup. It's my own fault, really. I was bound to produce a bit of a diva. I remember as a kid sitting in front of the mirror trying out different hair styles and dabbling in my mom's makeup when she wasn't looking. I loved to try on her high heels and am told that at age two I changed (drink) outfits several times a day. Eleanor seems to be following suit, but unfortunately she didn't inherit my "tidy" gene. Hence:

Finally, (drink) there's the pathological teaser. Kaleb began his twin heckling with feigned concern. "I feel sorry for you girls today," he began, "you have to go to the doctor while I get to stay here with Nana." Sorry shmorry. This was classic tormenting masquerading as compassion. "I hope you don't have to get shots," he continued at which point utter panic broke out and his mission was accomplished. His smile of satisfaction disappeared the minute he saw my face. (Drink) "Why you little....."

I was running late as it was and pacifying the twins while painfully cajoling them into the car was not on the schedule. Thank goodness for their devices which distracted them until we arrived at the doctor. And that, my friends, is an (drink) experience worthy of its very own post. Find out tomorrow if the twins' worst fears came to pass and how the dreaded doctor visit panned out. To be continued...

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