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Making Lemonade

Something occurred to me when I was out for a walk/scooter ride with the kids. We've all felt socially awkward at some point in our lives (drink*...yogurt spill). But I think it's safe to say that, ironically, social distancing is (drink) distinctly more awkward than any social event in which you feel out of place. If you're walking down the street and someone is jogging toward you, do you dart to the other side? Do you wave? Move slightly, but not too much because you don't want to offend? Look away? What if you see someone you know at the grocery store? Do you stop to say hi? Fist pump? I'm pretty sure high fives and elbow bumps are frowned upon. Booty bump?

The uneasiness is pronounced ten-fold when you have kids in tow because you have to give directives so it's important to sound like you know what you're doing. On our walk, a woman walking a dog was approaching us. "Get to the other side," (drink) I tried to instruct discreetly, but of course, kids don't do discreet so I had to physically pull them out of their path, still attempting discretion. Then, as is her usual request, Cynthia asked if she could pet the dog. "Sorry, not today," I answered, trying to distract her with an upcoming pine cone to add to her collection. "Stupid Corona Virus," she responded. From the mouth of a five year old.

Kids know what's going on - maybe not on the level that we do, but in their own little bubble when you can't even pet a dog, the world is just not right. (Drink) There is a growing sense of understanding in our house and with that, comes (drink) the need for comfort. I'm finding myself caving (drink) on things I wouldn't have BCV (Before Corona Virus) - Sure you can have M&M yogurt for breakfast (why did I even buy that crap to begin with?). No, you don't have to wear pants today. Bored? Zone out with your tablet. Please. For the love of God. Zone. Out.

I tell myself there will be more structure next week when we start home school, but I've got to confess, I know it's not happening. (Drink) It'll actually probably be more chaotic - I have visions of bouncing from kid to kid as one tries to log into class meetings with technical difficulties while another doesn't "get" the assignment and the twins want to finger paint. So I'm seeing a lot of bribes in the foreseeable future (drink).

But whatever. At the end of the day, our kids are alive and healthy and, while weary of what lies ahead, seemingly happy. Making lemonade out of lemons is all we have right now, so here's a few cups of sugar to start the process....

Cup 1: Paige has embarked on a bracelet project and has produced 50 homemade bracelets for local nursing home residents. When your kid does something like this, unprompted, (drink) it's important to brag. Makes it look like you're doing something right.

Cup 2: James noticed a table set up along the road with a bunch of floral arrangements being offered, free for the taking. (Drink) We later found out they were from a cancelled event with the Casual Gourmet and many arrangements were also (drink) donated to local nursing homes. (drink...are you kidding me? SHUT UP!!!!! My readers are gonna get toasted.) Gestures like this are so comforting right now and restore my faith in humanity.

Cup 3: The extraordinary work our school administration has accomplished in such a short period of time. It's astonishing that they have transitioned the entire curriculum to virtual learning, set up a system to provide nutritious meals to all families, and organized a safe and sanitary pickup procedure so all kids have the necessary means to complete schoolwork at home. Even preschool teachers and after school care providers check in regularly with the kids. Everyone's genuine concern and compassion is immeasurable.

Cup 4: Abigail has taken up diamond art and created these beautiful pieces that require the patience of a saint. This is proof that she did not inherit my lack of patience (drink). Clearly a positive.

Cup Five: James cleaned the cars and there's very good probability that they will remain food-free and clean for TWO WHOLE DAYS.

That's some pretty sweet lemonade. I'll continue to share as many positives that come out of this unimaginable situation, but right now (drink), I have a chocolate milk spill to tackle. The car may be clean, but my couch is another story.


1. Painting five year old girls' nails sucks. I only do it for that smile. But still. It may be worse than Play-dough. But not as bad as finger paint.

2. How does so much food miss kids' mouths? I (drink) just picked up crumbs of what would constitute an entire cookie off the couch and floor. And want to know something really disturbing? I ate them. (drink)

3. Coming tomorrow: James and I count how many times the kids ask for food and/or drinks. If it's anything like today (and yesterday, and the day before that), it's sure to be an epic post (OMG I'm starting to sound like my kids.)

*Why do you see the word "drink" peppered throughout this post? For further explanation please read the facts on my home page. If you find it distracting....I can relate. Cheers!

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