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Blog Takeover

Today will not be the same. This is Paige (Jill's daughter) and I'm going to take over the blog. So, my mom embarrasses me with the blog and I'm going to switch it up and embarrass her.

First I'm going to show some pictures of my mom when she didn't know I was taking a picture of her. Let's roll in some random taken pictures!

Hahaha those are funny! But, we've got to move on. These next ones are from a very famous app. It's called... Snapchat! You may have heard of it (or maybe not) and I know that some of you moms even have it. So I went on Snapchat and I used those filters. You know the ones that you can have dogs ears or star freckles, ya those ones. Well I didn't do the regular ones. I did the funny ones. So, get ready to laugh!

Lol! We've got the man filter, the stretched face filters, the how old do you look, and the gorilla and ostrich filters. Which one's your favorite? I like the gorilla. Anyways, the next one is funny! It's only one but it's a good one. It's from an app as well. But this app is called Celebs. This is an app that you take a picture of yourself and it shows the celebrity that you look like and how much percent you look like them. For example, I took a picture of myself and then the app said I look 72% like Zoe Laverne (a Tik Tok star.) Now I'm going to show you who mom got.

By 90% my mom looks like Steve Aoki

Alright, now it's time, the time you've all been waiting for. The funniest video in the world with my mom in it! It's a video from... Tik Tok! Yes, Tik Tok. Abigail made my mom get a Tik Tok account and it's an app where you make comedy, dancing, reacting, POV's, stories, etc videos. So, my mom made a couple videos but here's one that she wanted to put in and share.

Ya, this video was very hard to make. She had to learn the dance (which took like ten years) and then she couldn't do it quick enough so we had to put it in 2x which makes the video look very choppy. Also I had to mouth the movements so she knew which move to do. ugh.

You dished it out you have to take it!

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