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Cool Kids

There are two phenomenons I've noticed as the days of sheltering in place with five kids dwindle on. (Drink*) You can tell the level of aggravation they've had with each other by the number of syllables added to the subject's name. For example, (drink) "Give me back my Elsa doll Kaleb-uh," denotes a high level of annoyance. But if yet a fourth syllable is added, there's a good chance that an aggressive shove will follow. It's a great way to measure (drink) the need for parental interference. One extra syllable - they'll work it out. Two extras and it's time to tear myself away from the jigsaw puzzle (the new excitement in my life) to break it up.

I've also noticed that they are starting to create cliques within the family. I overheard reference to a "cool kid club" and from my observations, it appears that only three out of five kids are privy to membership. I had been thinking that this hiatus from school would at least eliminate (drink) those horrible, but inevitable, social crisis's that are unsolvable by parents. They are a right of passage we must let our kids resolve as we relive our own socially awkward childhood moments. Turns out that when five kids are socially isolated, they recreate much of the social drama that plays out at school and we're still on the hook to console those who are left out of the cool kids club.

In an attempt to break up the squabbles and cliques, I encouraged Kaleb to jump on a video chat with a friend. My plan worked and he spend the better part of an hour parading our laptop around the house for a virtual tour and basically just showboating his cool new status as an online chatter. One thing, though, and I'm sure you've all encountered this during virtual school meetings - you've got to make sure everyone in the house is wearing pants at all times. There are cameras everywhere. And I was trying to let the messes go, but now I find myself tidying, at least the area behind the computer, especially when teachers are part of the chat. And I kind of feel like foregoing make-up is no longer an option. So much for letting it all go.

With five kids cooped up in the house for endless days, messes are inevitable, though. But sometimes, it is these very messes that remind us to stay positive. Check out the message the spilled pancake batter sent this morning....

Keep smiling guys and hang in there. Hey, did anyone notice that for the first time, you're still sober after reading my post? The kids have been engrossed in a game of "spy", but I just heard a crash and I have a feeling a multi-syllable name is about to follow. So, drink.

*Why do you see the word "drink" peppered throughout this post? For further explanation please read the facts on my home page. If you find it distracting....I can relate. Cheers!

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