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Cool Kids Strike Again

Based on my observations, it appears that maintaining your "cool" status takes a great deal of effort. Cynthia, under the tutelage of Paige and Kaleb, is undergoing a hazing of sorts. The other morning, she emerged (drink) in one of Paige's off-the-shoulder hoodies and plain black leggings in a Sandra D.-like transformation. (Drink)

I went upstairs to find a huge pile of "newbie" clothes on her floor, her drawers now loaded with Paige's old sweatshirts. In case you didn't know, the word "newbie" means the opposite of cool. Don't worry - it's new to my vocabulary too. I also noted that her rainbow heart sheets were replaced with plain white (drink) and were no longer bedecked with fifteen of her favorite stuffies. Interesting.

For breakfast, she rolled her eyes when I served her pancakes on a princess plate and she refused to drink out of a plastic cup. Damn those cool kids. Since then, she has followed her big brother and sister around like a puppy, notably checking her behavior and correcting any newbie slip-ups for fear of becoming disqualified from her new posse.

It's heartbreaking to watch a four-year-old shed her innocence prematurely simply to be accepted by her siblings who are double her age. Is this a result of middle children banding together in an expression of birth order defiance? Abigail clearly wears the oldest child hat, welcoming responsibility and independence and setting standards of excellence perhaps a little (drink) daunting for all who follow to attain. Likewise, Eleanor plays her role as baby of the family to a t. While Cynthia only precedes her by three minutes, Eleanor both looks and acts a full year younger than her twin. She's the cute one, a trait (drink) ostensibly resented by the others.

I am not a middle child, nor is James. Is there actually a stigma attached to their birth order? No real identity within the family, so must prove coolness? Or does this have nothing at all to do with their pecking order and it is a symptom of our current isolation situation? Maybe this is their way of replicating socializing at school - by creating an exclusive clique within the family unit to maintain a sense of normalcy. Great....I really hope being cool kids is not the one thing that reminds them of their status at school. I'd much rather them be the kid sitting in a corner picking his nose and eating it. Well, maybe not, but it's a toss up. (Drink)

So back to Cynthia. Will sweet little Sandra D. ever return? Or will she go through life always trying to meaus.

Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink

F it. This post is going nowhere. I can't focus. My family will not shut up. I'm sorry. Can't continue. Peace out. Mic drop.

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