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Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Wondering what your next Amazon purchase should be? Look no further. Today I would like to share my obsession with a product that is literally life changing and only $13.99. It's called Folex and since I purchased (drink) it about two weeks ago, it has saved the kids from countless rants with regard to spills.

Remember when we had friends stay with us for a week earlier this month? When you spend a week in someone's house, their major household struggles become abundantly clear. Some issues are unfixable. Like the incessant lack of refrigerator space despite the fact that we have three - yes three - refrigerators in our house. But one thing they saw an opportunity to rectify was the (drink) stress associated with the constant spills that are par for the course when you have five kids. (Drink)

I used to not care very much about spills. Our carpets were of the inexpensive Ocean State Job Lot variety and the wall to wall carpets (drink) were beyond salvaging. But when we moved, we inherited stain-free, and much higher-end floor coverings. I've become a rigid tyrant when it comes to my carpets, insisting on drinking vessels with lids and parading around inspecting the fibers, carpet cleaner at the ready. And if I spot something, you better pray it comes out, or brace yourself for a seething diatribe about exercising better vigilance and for the love of God taking off your shoes in the house.

Nobody likes the angry version of themselves. But (drink) I particularly dislike the uptight angry version of myself whereby I feel like I'm not letting my kids be kids for the benefit of material things. But still. My carpets. Enter Dina. After witnessing a carpet related meltdown, she tactfully sent me a link to Folex. "Try it," she insisted, "it's life changing." People say this about products all the time and I'm always skeptical. But several days later, when it arrived and I put it to the test on some stains I had failed to remove, I was convinced.

It arrived just in time, too, because shortly thereafter, I discovered a trail of tie-dye droplets dotted across one of my favorite area rugs. Before Folex, I would have freaked out. But post-Folex, I was totally cool about it. A few (drink) squirts and blots, and bam! Tie-dye droplets be gone!

Just this morning, I stumbled across this.

After muttering my standard, "WTF?" and berating the culprit for not only brushing teeth in random spots, but more importantly, not (drink) cleaning up messes, I skipped off to get the Folex, and once again...bam! Sticky toothpaste be gone!

And then this afternoon when I was vacuuming (with my Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner which I still adore by the way), I accidentally ran over a stray pomegranate seed and it burst on the white carpet. Challenge accepted! And about a minute later, the spot had vanished! It's almost to the point where I get kind of excited when something spills. #Loser

So there you go. You're welcome. Oh, there's a two pack for a better deal, and a three pack for an even better deal - may as well stock up. And, no, I'm not getting kick-backs for my accolades. I just felt it was my duty to share.

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