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Fourth of July Sell Out

Happy Fourth everyone!

First off, my apologies to anyone who patronized my kids' mask sale today and was addressed by Kaleb as "bro" or coerced (drink) into buying a pet rock by Cynthia. Also, to those who endured a series of random questions involving Lamborghini's. I'm not sure what the obsession is, but I blame YouTube.

Antics aside, the kids are justifiably proud of their achievement today. While there was no parade to encourage crowds of people, there was a steady flow of foot traffic and an overwhelming number of people stopped to check out their fundraiser. Not only were people astoundingly generous, they (drink) were eager to stop and chat, hungry for the human interaction they sacrificed over the last few months. There was an unfamiliar relaxed vibe in the air today. No one was in a rush, their pace more leisurely and laid-back. They took more time to listen to the kids describe their products, they stopped and read the signs explaining their mission; even cars slowed down and handed donations out the window. Something, besides (drink) the obvious, was different than previous years. In a good way.

Today is a day we celebrate our country's independence. Our celebrations this year look markedly different than previous years. We all miss parades and fireworks, massive backyard gatherings, and festive concerts. We can still celebrate, though, and find ways to honor traditions in a different way. For those who came by today to support my kids' goals to do just that, thank you. You helped turn a day that could easily have been (drink) spent mourning the absence of tradition into a holiday that will stand out in our memories forever.


The kids raised $1,000 and sold out of 50 masks and about three dozen painted rocks in just under two hours. All (drink) proceeds will be donated to the Chatham Corona Virus Impact Fund to benefit year-round Chatham residents struggling during this period of eliminated or reduced employment.

We had to close the sale early due to the quick sell-out, but donations can still be made through Venmo (@jmm508) or directly to the Chatham Corona Virus Fund.

Stay tuned for future pop-up mask sales once we reestablish inventory.


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