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Friday Funnies

Over the last few days, the kids have pushed my buttons like Kaleb set free in an elevator.

But they have also made me laugh hysterically so I thought I'd share a few Meyer classics with you as we roll into the holiday weekend.

I thought Easter was coming in a couple days, but my kids must have gotten confused and thought (drink) Halloween was coming. Actually, I think they just got really bored.

Eleanor got sick of the goth look and decided to fine tune her skills as a makeup artist. Thankfully I educated her (drink) before she put brush to face. She heeded my advice and went for the subtle look.

In other artistic news, just for fun, James and I have a little competition called "who can make the kids' meals look like restaurant (drink) quality presentations?" Yes, this is what our lives have come to. James' presentation of Abigail's English pancakes won rave reviews (drink) from all except Eleanor. "What's that weed doing on the plate?" she asked, wrinkling (drink) her nose. We now avoid garnishing Eleanor's plates.

Another thing we are avoiding is getting a dog. I bitch enough about all the work five kids necessitates. Kaleb has more chance of getting (drink) a baby brother than a dog. And since we all know there is zero chance of any more Meyer offsring on the horizon, the answer to the dog question is a firm 'no.' This has not (drink) curbed their steadfast "we want a dog" campaign. So we decided to put them to the test.

They are now required to take Rocky for regular walks, feed him, and clean up his poop (we've made some pretty good replicas out of clay). Let's see how long this lasts.

Speaking of waste, Paige was (drink) tasked to find a piece of litter on her outside scavenger hunt for P.E. yesterday. With Cynthia as her sidekick, the two unearthed a mysterious piece of plastic which they decided qualified as trash. But upon closer examination, Cynthia concluded that it was actually a piece of the Corona Virus. Interesting hypothesis.

It is not shocking that Corona is at the forefront of their minds. Remember when we were kids and we would run around declaring that our siblings had lice? Or better yet, cooties? My kids have put a modern spin to the cootie game and have taken to taunting each other with, " have the Corona Virus." I had to put the kibosh on that one pretty quickly. Maybe in a year, we can roll with it, but it's a little too raw right now to condone. Still, I find it fascinating how kids process life and level it down to their playing field.

They keep us laughing....that's for sure. And I hope their antics put a smile on your face as we all brace for what is sure to be one of the most memorable Easters we will ever experience. It may not be traditional, but if we can find the humor, it may just be one that we will remember in a positive light.

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