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Friday Funnies

This morning, there was a flock of turkeys in our backyard. I called the kids over and pointed out that one (drink) of them was fanning his feathers. "I wonder if it's mating season?" I idiotically said out loud. Kaleb wasted no time explaining to the twins that mating means you kiss on the lips for two hours and then have babies. "They're going to have a girl," he went on, "because of the colors of the feathers." I had no idea my son was such an expert on turkey procreation.

The turkeys weren't the only ones getting excited. James ordered 120 rolls of toilet paper and the big delivery was yesterday. Seeing as we go through eight rolls of toilet paper a week, this should almost get us through the next four months!

Another fun delivery was our family masks. No way (drink) could I have stomached making six more of the new must-have accessory.

Had I not outsourced, this would have been me.

We haven't seen much of Eleanor (drink) recently. She has been busy making really weird videos. About twenty of these renditions pop up (drink) on my phone throughout the day.

They're all pretty bored apparently. Paige discovered that the game box makes fart noises. Fascinating.

Okay, in all fairness, I made the fart noise discovery and made Paige demonstrate for the camera. I can't bring her down with me. Isolation is making me crazy. I suspect I'm not alone....

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