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Friday Funnies

Do you know anyone who can take the simplest task and make it super complicated? Meet my son, Kaleb. (Drink) He means well, but EVERYTHING he attempts winds up in a spill or lost item or severed limb. I should have known better when I told him to go upstairs and put cream on to relieve his dry, itchy skin.

This was on the heels of a cupcake debacle. I think our oven needs a new thermostat because nothing seems to be baking properly. Case in point. These cupcakes.

I’m so over projects. Finger painting, baking, and did I mention the unicorn poop? 'What's unicorn poop?' you ask. It’s a make your own slime kit sent to the twins courtesy of Nana. When we moved I enforced a strict no-slime-in-the-house rule. But apparently all rules went out the window with quarantine. So I found (drink) myself making sticky pink, yellow, and green blobs, which, Cynthia announced are “so satisfying” to play with. Alrighty then. And I found myself saying, “We’re about to have dinner. Put the poop away.” Words I never thought I’d utter. (Drink)

All these activities (drink) are leaving me with little patience for home school projects. Luckily James is taking the reigns (drink) on holding Kaleb’s hand through his entire school day. Because here’s what happens when I step in.

It’s a replica of the Roman Colosseum. Obviously. The bike helmet idea was money don't you think? Because windows. (Drink) Now that’s thinking out of the box. I can’t decide which is better. The coliseum or TV with a fishing show on.

Either way, I see a full ride to Harvard in his future. As for the twins, social isolation is making them socially awkward. They became enamored with a slug and made me take a video to remember him by.

Weird right? (Drink) Never a dull moment here at the Meyer abode. Here's to a calm weekend. Never happening.

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