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Friday Funnies

Have you ever tried to get the hair off a Lego person's head? The twins have been on a Lego kick which is a great means of entertainment even if their new hobby does come with some pitfalls. The first is (drink) obvious - little Lego pieces everywhere. Those things hurt like a bitch if you step on them. The second is the hair. Part of the Lego appeal is not so much in the building, but in people design. They are constantly rotating the legs, bodies, hair, and hats for the Lego people in the air of 3-D fashion plates. So every two seconds, I'm recruited to remove the hair so another "look" could be achieved.

That's the strange picture of the day. Here's the scary picture of the day:

Kaleb decided he wanted to make his own toast. Watching him try to spread butter was excruciating and I had to look away as (drink) destroyed the toast with multiple puncture wounds from pressing so hard. Then it was time to remove the crust (because ewwww crust). Despite a strong feeling that he might sever a limb, I let him use the big knife. Once again, I couldn't look. But he still has all his appendages. The toast, on the other hand....

And now for the funny picture of the day. But first, (drink) let me explain. Kaleb raced downstairs the other day in a very believable panic. "Mom! The toilet is smoking!" he exclaimed dragging me away from peacefully folding a basket of laundry. What on earth is he talking about? Toilets don't smoke. Although it was warm and the A/C was on, so maybe there was some kind of water/air reaction causing vapor? And then I heard a smoke alarm. (Drink) OMG, what did he do? And then I saw it.

Behind the "smoking" toilet was his tablet projecting the alarm sound. Clever. Thank you You Tube or Tik Tok or whatever app gave him the idea.

Finally, the sad picture. This only qualifies for Friday Funnies because I think many of you can relate to the (drink) reaction I had. So yesterday Kaleb fell down the stairs. I didn't see the fall, but I imagine it was about half a flight. I heard a bunch of crashing and then crying and CARRIED ON DOING WHATEVER I WAS DOING. Isn't that awful? I didn't realize what had happened, of course. I thought the kids were fighting and a few objects had been thrown. So I rolled my eyes and ignored it, hoping they would work it out themselves. It (drink) wasn't long before I identified the crying as "physically hurt" as opposed to "hurt feelings". I found Kaleb in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, a huge goose egg already forming on his forehead. Nice Jill. Really nice.

Kaleb can be very dramatic when he gets injured. Most of the time, there's no injury associated with the "pain" over which he laments. So it's hard to know when the pain is real and when it's of the man-flu variety. The bump was big, though, and my guilt was bigger. So I coddled (drink) him and by the end of the night, his goose egg had shrunk to more of a quail egg.

Finally, I'll leave you with something that will only be funny if you're familiar with that song Savage? You probably aren't if you don't have tweens, but you may want to tell Alexa to play it so you can understand my mistake. Anyway, it's catchy and I was trying to be cool. So last night, I started belting out, "sassy, boozy, rancid!" I was feeling pretty hip, until I caught sight of (drink) Abigail's face. She had that disgusted look only girls her age can pull off. "What? Is it my singing?" She just shook her head and walked away. Later she sent me a link to the lyrics. Oh. right. I'll check the words next time. 15-Love, Abigail.

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