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Friday Funnies

Have you ever forgotten your mask? It's like forgetting your wallet. You can't shop without it. At least not in Massachusetts. I realized I had forgotten mine halfway into a 30 minute drive to return a couple (drink) items at Kohl's. As usual, I was crunched for time, and there was no way I was turning back. So I put on my Macgyver thinking cap. (Remember that guy? He plugged a bullet wound with a tampon, didn't he?) I realized I was dressed in layers, so once I pulled in the parking lot, I shed my tank top (as only girls know how to gracefully do in cars), put it back over my head, scarf style, and secured the shoulder straps (drink) behind my head with a hair tie. I legit looked like I was going to rob a bank. It totally worked (the functionality of the mask - not robbing a bank)...and the icing on the cake? The checkout woman complimented my Macgyver inspired get-up. #winning

Also winning? This bird.

It somehow got stuck in the small space between the garage door and garage ceiling. Luckily the kids noticed and came racing inside, shrieking for me to come outside urgently. Usually, this signals a skinned knee or twisted ankle, but they were all accounted for and unscathed, so I breathed a sigh of relief that I wouldn't be making any trips to the emergency room. Then they pointed out the bird who was now propelling itself at the window in an attempt to escape, but not registering that there was glass there. You'd think after two or three tries it (drink) would learn a lesson, but apparently we were dealing with an intellectually challenged feathered friend. It appeared that the only way to save the obtuse thing was to lower the garage door which could either end in freedom or death, the latter requiring years of therapy and weeks of sleepless nights for the kids. I had no choice, so I took a gamble. As the garage door (drink) lowered, the bird took flight within the confines of the nook, hitting the window several more times before realizing there was an opening at the other end and flying to safety. It took several minutes for it to locate the exit to the great outdoors, but eventually, off he went (drink) to regale his family with the tale of his great garage adventure. And the kids retold the story to anyone who would listen, each time embellishing the ordeal, siting feathers littering the garage, a broken wing, and even a family of similar looking birds waiting on the sidelines as the Meyer kids rescued their not-so-bright relative.

While that particular incident (drink) did not involve injury to the kids, not too long after, Kaleb took a fall on his scooter and the tiniest sprig of blood graced his knee. This, of course, warranted an ice pack, band-aid, and lots of hugs and attention. He was briefly diverted from his misery, though, when he gingerly touched the scrape and the speck of blood formed a heart on his finger. #silverlinings

In the following picture, it is not blood that Eleanor is covered in. Thankfully. She just hi-jacked the cherry pitter and had herself a little party.

And finally, I'll take one for (drink) the team and share a mortifying video I sent Abigail and Paige in an act of sheer laziness.

Are you embarrassed for me? Cringy right? Made you laugh, though, didn't I?

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