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Is there a talent you wish you had? For me, it's singing. I would give my right arm to be able to sing really well, but I have been plagued with (drink) the inability to decipher notes or carry a tune. When it's time to sing Happy Birthday at parties, I busy myself taking pictures or suddenly needing to tie my shoe. Live theater always leaves me with a lingering feeling of envy as I imagine the rush the performers must feel as the audience rises for a (drink) standing ovation at the final curtain call.

But I find solace in the talents I do have. I'm such a good parallel parker, I've had people stand on the sidewalk and clap. I don't do yoga, but I can stand on my head endlessly. Also, I make a mean smoothie bowl. But there's one talent I think you might all appreciate and for once, I feel like I might actually be qualified to teach...folding sheets!

During my sixteen year tenure as an innkeeper, I picked up a few handy lessons, and the ability to fold a set of sheets into a perfect little bundle, is one of the more useful take-aways. (Drink) In case you feel like you've been sleep walking through quarantine and have a nagging guilt that you should have achieved something like learning a foreign language or inventing a new app, here's your chance to feel a sense of accomplishment. Watch and learn.

Easy right? Just think how much more organized your linen closet will look! And, in case you missed it, the sheets I was promoting are made my Comphy Co. If there's anyone you should trust when it comes to the quality of sheets, it's a former innkeeper. After countless fails in our attempt to find sheets that were comfortable and durable, we finally stumbled upon Comphy Co. and never looked back. I even had a successful side (drink) hustle selling them online for awhile. Anyway, they're amazing and pretty reasonably priced too, given their quality and long lifespan. You're welcome.

And now, a little (drink) something far more glamorous than folding sheets - the talent I covet and admire. And a song that is very poignant right now - It's a Wonderful World sung by my friend Sarah Jane who covers for me when it's time to sing at kids' birthday parties. I hope you enjoy.

I'll leave you with that.

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