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If At First You Don't Succeed....

James had long hair back in high school. Legit long hair, probably to his shoulders. At the time, it seemed really cool, but we're not seventeen anymore. With salons and barbershops closed, I had two choices...I could bring back the 90's or attempt to cut (drink) his hair myself. And since (drink) Kaleb was sporting the biggest fro, I decided to add hair stylist to my growing list of occupations and ordered a hair buzzer.

Hairdressers make buzzing guy's hair look so easy. It's not. Thanks to me, James has a small bald spot and his sideburns look strange. Thanks to James, Kaleb just looks strange.

Under normal circumstances, if I'm not good at something, I give up immediately. I prefer to do what comes naturally and leave my shortcomings to the professionals. But these days, I have no choice, but to persevere and I have to admit, persistence pays off. While Kaleb still misses his "real" teacher, we've got his home schooling routine fine tuned so it is at least tolerable (drink).

I also, after many failed attempts, created a functional homemade face mask. (Drink) To refresh your memory, the original attempt was more "robber" than guy trying to ward off germs. It also didn't stay on properly.

We tried a few "no sew" options. There was the pillowcase.

The eye mask (not a terrible option, but kind of embarrassing).

The (drink) scarf (too hot).

And the ace bandage. (I was only half joking)

Nothing was working, so I reverted back to my arch nemesis....the sewing machine. We had no elastic, so I busted open some scrunchies, which, hopefully the girls never miss, and scored with a perfect seven-inch segment in each one. I hunted down some thinner cotton fabric which was the root of the problem in my first attempt, and put a YouTube instructional video on slow-mo. (Drink) Not slow enough, I guess, because (drink) I somehow sewed the elastics inside the damn thing.

BCV Jill would have thrown it across the room and ordered one on Etsy (drink). But we are living in a new era - an era in which we don't order frivolous items online and failure isn't an option. So out came the seam ripper to salvage those precious 14 inches of elastic and I started over. And guess what? Success! (Though on close inspection, his ears look a little compromised.)

I finished just in time for James to wear it to the hospital to donate blood and wouldn't you know - as a reward for a pint of blood, he was the proud recipient of - you guessed it - a mask. Oh, the irony!

Despite the arduous steps it took, the accomplishments felt (drink) good. The haircuts may be a little off, but hair grows back (although for guys in their forties, there's no guarantee). Hopefully next time, I'll improve my barber skills, but chances are, James and Kaleb will be a little asymmetrical for a few months. The stylists are in for a treat when normalcy returns and they have to undo all the amateur (drink) haircuts attempted at home. Until then, try not to laugh at my boys.

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