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More Than Words Can Say

Much like regular life, life in isolation sees good days and bad days. Today started off as 'meh,' but I used all my willpower to squash the negatives and ride the highs of the positives. I also tried not to focus on the fact that those positives are getting sadder and sadder by the day. For example, there was leftover pancake batter this morning, discharging me from the task of adding a cup of water to the boxed pancake mix. I practically skipped through breakfast service. When my electric kettle busted, I was hardly even fazed.

But it was downhill from there. (Drink) Shortly thereafter, I received an email from our superintendent strongly suggesting that our kids would not set foot back in their classroom until the fall. I knew this was coming, but had been hanging onto the tiniest sliver of hope that I would be getting laid off from my new teaching career. But, really, the news wasn't shocking, so I pushed on. To the grocery store.

If you want to get really depressed, take yourself on a little field trip down the paper goods aisle. But make sure you follow the arrows taped up and down every aisle and if you happen to get behind someone really slow, don't plow her down with your shopping cart. Wait patiently at least six feet behind and pretend to be in deep contemplation over which brand of chicken stock to buy. You will be behind this person your entire shopping (drink) so sharpen those acting skills. Oh, and remember a couple weeks ago when you could at least smile at other shoppers and maybe felt a stab of comradery that we're all in this together? Sorry, no more of that. (Drink) These days, you can't tell what facial contortions might be going on behind the masks we must all wear. For all you know, they could be mouthing, "pick a f-ing box of broth jackass."

Needless to say, the grocery shopping experience took a little more wind out of my sail. Of course, disinfecting every single item and laying all the produce around the kitchen to dry was a great way to decompress. So relaxing. Unfortunately, my moments of tranquility with the veggies was interrupted (drink) by a kid who once again clogged the toilet. What part of toilet paper crisis do they not understand?

Moments later, the shower curtain rod fell. Have you ever tried to take a selfie while hanging a shower rod? Didn't think so.

I have to admit, despite the setbacks, I was rolling with the day. Most of this is fairly typical if I'm being (drink) honest. And, of course, there were the triumphs. I made kale chips which probably no one will eat.

Abigail and Paige's room now has a disco theme going on thanks to a birthday gift from my sister. Thanks Em. Really, that was a fun project.

And, I'm on my fourth load of laundry. I mean, if that doesn't yield a feeling of accomplishment, I don't know what does. It's one of those jobs that just keeps giving and of which I never tire. Love laundry. Love.

But not as much as I love vacuuming and that was the nail in the coffin today. Vacuuming my house is always so satisfying. You can literally see trails of crumbs and toe jam littering the carpet one minute, and thanks so my BFF, Dyson....zap, gone the next. As I was waltzing around the house this afternoon zapping up whatever fell in Dyson's path, she suddenly stopped. Just like that. Dead. She hadn't been herself lately and I feared the worst. Well, (drink) today, it happened. And try as I might, I couldn't muster any more positive energy.

Sadly, Cynthia saw the video I shot and, sensitive soul that she is, had a moment of mourning for Dyson. It was heartbreaking. Maybe I went too far.

We talked about the good times and I promised I would do everything I could to bring her back to life. No promises though, kid. As they say, this too shall pass. RIP Dyson. Thanks for the memories.

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