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Never Refuse a Breath Mint

This is going to be brief and I’ll tell you why. Nana (drink) babysat while we WENT OUT TO EAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THREE MONTHS. To the day. It was, in equal parts, exhilarating and oddly disturbing. The exhilaration is obvious. I mean, we’ve waited on five small humans for every meal for close to 100 consecutive days. It was the masks and strange protocol that were a little bizarre. But the (drink) weird vibe was no fault of the restaurant - just a sign of the times to which we will all adapt and embrace, even, if it means a gradual return to - not the new normal - just normal. With that, I offer three pieces of advice should you decide to venture out for a meal:

1. Dress in layers. Bring a blanket even. I'm speaking from the perspective of a New Englander here and let me just say, it can get mighty (drink) chilly if you’re seated in the shade on a breezy day. We opted to take our last round to the nearby beach, but the rest of the meal was a bit frigid. Not that we really cared. Hell, we were OUT!!

2. Avoid ordering bluefish pate if you will have to wear a mask for more than five minutes after departure. Enough said. (Drink)

3. Be kind. This is an overly emphasized point these days, but restaurants are learning an entirely new business model practically overnight. There are about a million new protocols they must remember in addition to remembering you want your fries extra crispy and to 86 the onion on your (drink) burger. If they’re low on menus, save them a print job and take a picture of it. If you can’t hear your server because of a mask barrier, the answer is ‘yes’. You may have inadvertently ordered an extra round. Oh well. Enjoy!

That is all for today. I have to go brush my teeth (drink) again. Because bluefish.

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