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Ode to Lunch Heroes

In honor of School Lunch Hero Day....

They dish out your meatloaf with whipped mashed potatoes.

They make you a sandwich with ham and tomatoes.

They smile when you pass with your tray full of food.

your lack of a thank you won't dampen their mood.

The minute you leave to return to your studies

they do it again for the rest of your buddies.

When finally the students all have a full belly

they wipe the place down so it doesn't get smelly.

Then planning begins for the following day.

"Should we serve hot dogs or broccoli souffle?"

"We must have a choice for our gluten free friends."

"An option for vegans we ought to extend."

"Nut free for all, of course, just to be guarded."

"This all sounds fantastic, we must now get started!"

Once they procure all the vital supplies

they chop all the veggies and prep the French fries.

Finally they're done and they mop up the floor.

They'll be back tomorrow to do it once more.

And that is the day of our food service crew.

But along came Corona and everything's new.

They had to revise the way their ship ran.

So they all worked together and came up with a plan.

"We'll bag up the food! The kids can come get it!"

"They'll get their nutrition and keep themselves fit!"

They made a new menu more conducive to travel.

And quickly a strategy began to unravel.

The kids got their lunches and breakfast as well.

Their tummies were full and they thought it was swell.

But picking up food would not work for some folks.

Yet that did not squander the food workers' hopes.

They brainstormed again and soon figured it out.

"We'll bring it to them! We can do it no doubt!"

So they loaded their cars with a whole bunch of meals.

And soon all the people were full and they squealed.

"Thank you so much!" they said, as their bellies they pat.

"You brought us good food, but it's much more than that.

You rose to the challenge and didn't back down.

You made a huge difference in our little town."

The food service workers simply smiled and said

"That's just what our job is, to get people fed."

The humble crew left and went back to go cook.

But never again was their job overlooked.

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