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Several phrases have materialized over the last few months that have become part of our daily vocabulary, but if I never heard them (drink) again, I'd be forever grateful. It's as if, in addition to a new way of life, we have also adopted a new language. A new annoying language.

I'm just as guilty as anybody else as I use these phrases all the time. Let's dissect a few...

1. New Normal - This implies that we will never go back to life BCV. It's depressing and while I get the sentiment behind it, I hate what it represents.

2. During these Challenging Times - Uuuugh. We KNOW. We get it. These times are challenging on many levels. Do we need a constant reminder? And (drink) if we must, why sugar coat it? Let's put it out there like it is. "During this shit show," is more like it.

3. Unprecedented - Much like it's sister phrase (#2), unprecedented is way overused. Plus it’s not true. We may not have lived through the 1918 Spanish Flu, but it did, indeed, happen. We didn't experience it, though, and times have changed, so a lot of what we are dealing (drink) with today is legit unprecedented. But still. Can we drop it, please? Or find a synonym. According to, the word freakish qualifies. That's my vote.

4. Social Distancing - Quite honestly, I've been more social these last few months than ever before. I've caught up with old friends, become more interactive on Social Media, hell, I even got a Tik Tok account. This phrase is inaccurate. What we are technically doing is "Physically Distancing," but it's too late now to ditch this catch phrase.

5. All the different terms for this pandemic. And by the by, I don't care for the word pandemic either. I'm not sure why. I guess it just sounds so dramatic. Which it is, but it's just irritating. As far as the various terms for the virus itself - I have a theory. You can identify (drink) someone's personality by what they call it. Hear me out:

COVID 19: Nerdy types use the precise terminology. There are all types of Corona viruses, many of which have been in existence for years, but COVID 19 is the technical moniker. People who use this term get irritated with those who are more vague in their terminology.

COVID: Hippie nerd. These people want to be technical, but have a reputation to uphold. Pot smoking accountants would likely opt for this particular alias.

CORONA VIRUS: Those who have adopted the most conventional identifier are pretty mainstream, and usually laid back, go-with-the-flow types.

'Rona or The 'Rona: Surfers. 'Nuff said.

Novel Corona Virus: This is the worst of them all. When I first heard it referred to like this, I had to look it up to understand (drink) that the word "Novel," which to me indicates awesomeness, in this case means "new." It's used purely by the pretentious elite - the types of people who correct other peoples' grammar and say words like "ergo," and "milieu." They also claim to enjoy classical music.

6. We're All In This Together - Not to be confused with "We're all in the same boat," which a viral Facebook post made it abundantly clear, we are NOT. It's a nice sentiment that we're all working together and doing our part to get through these challenging, unprecedented times. But it just makes me think of the entire world standing in a circle holding hands like that song, We Are The World (well, not really, because social distancing) and singing Kumbaya. And it makes me laugh. But it's not supposed to be funny so I feel bad.

7. Flatten the Curve - Is anyone (drink) else picturing Dolly Parton suddenly deflating? Did I go to far?

I'm sure I missed a bunch. Please share your Novel Corona Virus pet peeve phrases. I'll try not to use them.

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