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Rain Rain Go Away

Drink. Like five times. I have sat down to try to write this on several occasions today, but my efforts were thwarted. By little people. It's day four of rain and my bag of entertainment tricks ran out days ago. Weeks ago actually. There was a time, not too long ago, when I could buy a few minutes of peace with (drink) diversions like "run around the house five times and time yourself," or "draw a picture of a leprechaun kissing a unicorn." But they're not buying (drink) my attempts to dodge playing another round of Zingo (I truly hate that game). So they were left to their own devices to entertain themselves. (Drink)

Eleanor sang a lot.

Kaleb defied my warnings that it was cold, wet, and rainy and decided to head out for a bounce on the (drink) trampoline. To prove his manhood, he stripped off his (drink) pants and socks on his way out.

He lasted exactly two minutes. (Drink)

After I screamed my head off (drink) about laundry all over the house, I put them to work.

It was then that I remembered a friend had taken pity on me and offered a big bag of crafts so I took a little road trip (drink). When I returned with the loot, it was like Christmas at our house. And the (drink) happiest (drink) camper was Eleanor who claimed a brand new makeup kit that had made its way into the craft bag.

One of the crafts was a collection of different colored rubber spiky things which you push together to make creatures. I like (drink) these types of crafts because they are mess-free and require little supervision. I also like that it gave (drink) us a good laugh. What does this remind you of?

Kaleb, not surprisingly, used them to create (drink) a new game called "Catch the Cornova Virus in your Fro."

He then got bored and did the scooting around the floor thing that drives me nuts.

So I sent him to his room to do some silent reading. When he returned, I asked what he read. He presented me with (drink) a photo album. Awesome job dude. I gave up.

On a positive note, despite the (drink) oppressively depressing string of grey days so far this month, we have a beautiful garden blossoming in our kitchen thanks go my mom's inability to (drink) limit her Amazon purchases to the essentials.

Abigail and Paige started some virtual (drink) (drink) ballet classes so at least there's some physical activity going on besides Kaleb's fro game.

As usual, Abigail declined a picture. Actually, I didn't even ask. I know the answer. (Drink) My apologies if all of you are completely hammered now. Actually, I'm not sorry. You're welcome! TGIF...not that it really matters anymore.

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