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Rainbows, Obstacle Courses, and Chugging Contests

As I was slicing a tomato this morning, I thought to myself that if the knife slipped, and I cut off part of my finger, I'd probably just sacrifice the chunk of finger to avoid going to the hospital. I mean who wants to go to a medical facility right now? I certainly wouldn't want to step foot in one, let alone (drink) use healthcare resources for a mere finger. Years later, people would size up my mangled pointer and ask why I didn't just get stitches. I'd look at them solemnly and (drink) answer, "Corona Virus." They would nod, knowingly and then maybe reveal their own badge of honor - a bald patch from a butchered home administered haircut that never grew back, perhaps. Or maybe they would grab a bulging love handle, "See this here? I call this my Corona 15." Then we would rehash that crazy time in history that seems like a dream, but we all have volumes of photos floating out there in the Cloud in which the only subjects are immediate family members for a solid two month period to prove that, we did, indeed, survive the pandemic.

It's a rainy day. The third (I think) in a row. Obviously I'm coming a bit unhinged, but if you think I'm bad, you should see my (drink) kids. They're going crazy. This afternoon I found Paige just sitting on the couch staring. I tried to make conversation and give suggestions for things to do but you know how sometimes you get determined to stay grumpy? You almost don't want a solution. So I let her bask in her melancholy state.

Meanwhile I popped the twins in the car and set out on an expedition to find rainbows and teddy bears in peoples' windows. I read about a worldwide mission to provide entertainment for kids whereby people are encouraged to draw pictures of rainbows and set out teddy bears in windows so kids could drive by in a scavenger hunt type quest to find as many as their parents are willing to hunt down. Since we have a long driveway, we secured a (drink) couple teddy bears to the lamp post and mailbox this morning (and let me just tell you I had to invent endless stories about how much teddy bears love being outside in the rain to coerce them to sacrifice two of there one million stuffies to the cause). They were eager to (drink) see if other families had joined in the exercise. Thankfully we managed to spot seven rainbows and one teddy bear, satisfying their faith in humanity to "play the game." A big shout out to anyone whose front windows are now covered in finger painted rainbows. Seriously, you're saving a lot of parents' asses. (Drink)

As I sit here typing about my family's (drink) claustrophobic state on this crappy April afternoon, James came over and showed me this video.

Okay...they win. Awesome idea and well played. While these grandparents are clearly the champions of the world when it comes to creatively passing (drink) the time, the obstacle course James made for "gym class" today was pretty clever.

I was impressed, and rewarded James with the new position as Head of P.E. for the entire Meyer district. I think the fort I just overheard the kids scheming to build falls under his new authority. Godspeed.

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