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Ten Random Thoughts

A few unrelated thoughts I've been pondering lately...

1. James was reading Knufflebunny Free to the twins the other day. You know, the one where Trixie goes on a plane (drink) to visit her grandparents in Holland and leaves Knufflebunny behind on the plane and then when they fly home Knufflebunny just happens to be in the seat Trixie is sitting in? Um, that kind of children's book would not get published these days. Clearly, the plane was not cleaned once during Trixie's two week vacation. Wow, Trixie. We have more problems on our hands than a lost stuffie, don't you think?

2. I could really live without Apple notifying me that my screen time has increased 62% this week. We have made lots of adjustments these past couple months as a result of our new lifestyles. Can Apple please follow suit and remove these notifications? And while they're at it, it would (drink) be nice if my watch would stop (drink) reminding me to stand up.

3. Another thing about phones. I have never been a fan of the new face recognition feature. It never recognizes me first thing (drink) in the morning which is really insulting, but now, wearing a mask is rendering the feature useless. I miss fingerprint recognition.

4. As long as I'm on the subject of faces, I've been trying out the filters on Kid Messenger in an attempt to engage my children. Talk about depressing. My skin looks amazing, particularly with the cat whisker filter. I had no idea my skin was so blotchy and wrinkly until I saw the "after" pictures.

5. Caps go on markers or they will dry out, right? Try telling that to my kids. There are marker caps everywhere. And an equal amount of markers without caps. But the colors don't coordinate. How is that possible? It's like (drink) socks. I'm convinced there's a cabinet in the house where the kids are hoarding markers and caps and socks just to mess with me. It's working. (Drink)

6. Have you ever listened to kids play? They say the strangest things. Like, "pretend you said I don't like noodles and then you get your umbrella and turn into a unicorn." And then the other kid will be like, "yeah, and pretend you say 'oh hello little unicorn. Do you want to ride my bike?'" Then (drink) off they go to act out the pretend scene they choreographed. And they make up these random songs with words created for rhyming purposes only. It's like white noise in our house these days.

7. I've discovered a new feeling. It's called chore envy. The other day, I walked into the living room to find James folding laundry and watching TV. Normal women would probably be pretty stoked to find their husband folding laundry. But all I could think was, 'Damn it. I wanted the laundry folding job. You get to just zone out and fold. No breaking up (drink) fights. No (drink) preparing food. No scrubbing weird substances off floors.' I hesitate to admit this because you know what's going to happen, right? James is going to read this and never fold the laundry again. Careful what you wish for.

8. How are teachers doing this online teaching sober? I was listening in on Kaleb's online morning meeting today and had to leave the room. It was like this.

But it was kid after kid after kid. I imagine it's much the same in person. Maybe worse. Once again, props to the teachers.

9. I was really excited to get up this morning because I wanted to see if my new dish washer detergent I splurged on worked better than the cheap stuff I usually buy. That's how boring my life is. And for the record, it did not. Womp.

10. I just had a battle with Cynthia to put socks on with her sneakers to avoid blisters. I completely overlooked the fact that she is not wearing pants. I think it's just par for the course now. When things go back to normal, it's going to be a tough habit to break.

And that about wraps up the riveting thoughts that have now taken up residency in my brain. I wonder if I'll ever recoup all the brain cells I'm losing. For now I'm not too concerned, though. As long as I don't lose (drink) the ability to cook, clean and probably now fold laundry, things will be just fine.

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