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There Are No Stupid Questions

I almost forgot...we are now officially into the second half of 2020. I jumped the gun last month when James pointed out my big faux pas after I had published the post congratulating us all on making it through the first half of the year. But now, we can legit celebrate the end of a rough start and hope (drink) that the year culminates with a happy ending. Hope being the operative word. To be honest, I think we need to set low, or at least realistic, expectations. Because, let's face it - things are going to be different for the foreseeable future.

Here’s what’s not different though… kid messes, kids constantly eating, sibling (drink) rivalry, and kid curiosity. Today’s topic is curiosity. I’ve been taking a lot of walks with the kids and they have no qualms about stopping a passerby and asking a billion questions. Stranger danger aside, I’m glad they're exercising the ability to hold a conversation and be inquisitive. But sometimes I want to bury myself in the pavement at the absurdity of their interrogation.

“Is that your house?” They ask of a gentleman spreading mulch in his garden. Obvious answer but the questions continued. “Wow! That’s big. How much did it cost? Are you famous? What kind of car do you drive?” I waiver between reprimanding them in front of the wealthy proprietor, pretending they’re not my kids, or rolling with it in hopes he has kids of his own and feels my pain. I choose to humor them because based on his answers, I'm fairly certain these aren't the first kids this guy has dealt with. "Who's your best friend?" they fire at (drink) him. "My wife," he answers. Smooth. Very smooth. But you never know who's on the receiving end of their prying. Someone else, and I would have feigned an emergency phone call and escorted the offenders from the touchy killjoy.

Oh, and if you happen to be walking a dog in my neighborhood, my kids will hunt you down and hold you hostage, quizzing (drink) you on the details of your dog's breed, and bemoaning me for not allowing a four legged creature under our roof. Because I need one more mouth to feed. I'm fairly certain most dog walkers have altered their regular route to avoid the 20 minute confrontation they are sure to endure if my kids manage to corner them.

Despite my occasional embarrassment, it's refreshing to finally hear a conversation with no filter. It's understandable when a kid asks how (drink) much you weigh or why there's a scar in the shape of New Jersey on your cheek. Endearing, almost. And their curiosity doesn't end with people. There may be no summer camps or museums open this summer, but take a kid on a (drink) nature trail and all sorts of discoveries will be made that we, as adults, would normally overlook without a second glance.

The discoveries are great, but then come the questions which make me feel just about as stupid as trying to teach common core math.

How are rainbows made?

How do lightening bugs light up?

Do ants sleep?

Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs?

Ummmm....Google? Can you help me out here? I find myself making up answers that seem halfway believable. Curiosity. It's something we lose as adults, getting caught up in the daily routine, focusing solely on getting through the day. Kids bring us back though. They catch bugs and befriend strangers. They ask the hard questions. I just don't always have the answers.

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