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This is Boredom

The kids are so bored they're all following Kaleb's lead and wallowing on the floor in their apathy.

Actually, on closer examination, it seems they're following my lead. I discovered this picture on my phone from a few weeks ago. Thanks kids. Flattering.

Their lackadaisical mood means they're not giving me any material for this blog. (Drink) At least when they were cutting their own hair there was something to report. Now, they've lost all motivation to even get into mischief. (Drink) So here's our very boring day.

Eleanor and I took videos of each other. Another flattering piece featuring me.

There is a new fort colony in Kaleb's room. I can't walk in the room without having a panic attack. Pretty sure it's a fire hazard.

There has been a lot of emoji coloring. They decorated their downstairs forts with them. Yes, there are now upstairs and downstairs forts.

During a moment of resurgence, the cool kids invented a new game. Something about their LA mansion and a side trip to Malibu in their Lambo. I think they've been watching too much YouTube.

So far we've prepared 5,936 snacks. It's only 3:30. I've given up on putting food away. Even if it's on the floor. They're just going to pull it out again.

Kaleb road his scooter while the rest of the family did his scavenger hunt for gym class. We did not find a snail. Or a butterfly. Or a bee. Or a squirrel. Or a worm. Or an ant. They were probably all hiding from the frigid spring day. No mushrooms either.

I went to the grocery store which is always uplifting. Because of all the masks. And bare shelves. They did have about a thousand avocados, but none of them were ripe although it was hard to tell because I didn't want to touch them all. It's amazing how much stuff I touch in the grocery store, but don't buy. I'm trying to abide by the "You Touch it You Buy it Rule." It's a rule I invented because I felt like people were glaring at me over their masks if I selected a bruised apple and put it back. So now I often return home with moldy strawberries and (drink) yogurt I was checking the sugar content on, momentarily forgetting my rule. And now I have a $6 tub of Icelantic yogurt no one will eat.

In conclusion, the Meyers had a very boring day, wasted money, and dusted the floor with our bodies. Hoping to shake things up tomorrow. The rain should help.

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