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Tradition with a Twist

No one can really argue with the fact we've all been dealt a bunch of sour lemons this year. And this summer, we can't even make lemonade out of them. Every July 4th, our kids have (drink) set up a lemonade stand just off the Chatham parade route and donate the proceeds to a local family or charity in need. This has been a tradition for five years now, and the lemonade stand has been embellished over time with baked goods, homemade headbands, and other drink options for sale. It is not only a lesson in paying it forward, but also customer service, economics, math, and protocol for safe food service.

This year, however, that protocol is, by no means, achievable for five kids, most of which have no concept of a six foot girth or much stamina for wearing a mask, particularly in the high humidity of summer. So no Meyer lemonade stand 2020. They were bummed, but (drink) have grown accustomed to the feeling of disappointment. Still, we hated to see another tradition swept from under their feet, so rather than allow them to be soured (last stupid lemonade pun, I promise) on yet another cancelled event, we encouraged them to think outside the box.

Their plan involved paint, dye, drop cloths, and aprons. And lots of five finger breathing. Despite being the world's biggest craft Grinch, I went with it. Nay, I encouraged it. Several vodkas later, 50 tie-dye face masks, and about three dozen painted rocks graced our back (drink) deck. There were very few casualties, and, me, the Grinch, even painted a rock myself. It's literally the worst one and I'm betting it doesn't sell.

So, while there will be no lemonade or parade this year, there will be crafts. And, not only will all proceeds be donated to the Chatham Corona Virus Impact Fund,but by purchasing an item, you will be providing some much needed justification for all the drop cloths I have been laundering.

Last year, as we broke down the stand, and the kids gathered around to tally up the grand total, we discussed plans for the following (drink) year, recognizing things that went well, and areas for improvement. We decided to nix chocolate baked goods because of the heat, and perhaps sell ice pops instead. Maybe we'd invest in better signage and give our spokesperson (Kaleb) a job besides schmoozing with patrons. Perhaps he would be mature enough to work the drink dispenser in twelve months (he's not). But in my wildest dreams, I didn't envision that we would be selling face masks, the season's hottest new accessory.

And yet here we are, adapting like everyone else. If you're inclined to support the annual Meyer tradition, here are the particulars:

  • Craft stand will be set up at 59 Seaview Street in Chatham starting at 10am on Saturday, July 4th. It will remain open until 3pm.

  • Masks are $5 each, and painted rocks are $1.

  • Venmo preferred (@jmm508), but cash also accepted.

  • We will likely host more pop-up sales throughout the summer and masks by mail depending on inventory.

  • All proceeds will be donated to the Chatham Corona Virus Impact Fund benefiting year-round Chatham residents struggling during this period of decreased or eliminated employment. Donations without purchase are also welcome.

Get 'em while they're hot folks. These Grateful Dead throw-backs ain't gonna last long! (Drink)

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