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Very Superstitious

Yesterday morning I cracked an egg and what was inside, but a double yolk! That's right up there with discovering a pearl in an oyster! Naturally, I was stoked, especially these days when minor triumphs are grounds for celebration.

But then I remembered. The last, and surprisingly, only other double yolk I cracked happened on January 1st of this year. At the time, I (drink) took it as a sign that 2020 was going to rock. Oh how wrong I was. Now, EXACTLY a half year later*, I'm having second thoughts about the true symbolism shrouded in my breakfast. Could this mean another taxing six months?

I shared my hypothesis with James and as I was talking, realized how ridiculous it sounded. Yes, Jill, your New Years Day double yolk is solely responsible for a worldwide pandemic resulting in the shutting down of the entire economy, all major events, and parents doubling as teachers across the globe. Oh, and (drink) the murder hornets and national protests too. Wow, I'm pretty powerful! I really should alert the media that the second half of 2020 will surely culminate in a zombie Apocalypse because...double yolk. On New Years Day, 2021, the paparazzi will invade my kitchen, waiting with baited breath to see if I'll crack another (drink) double. Jill Meyer will become a household name synonymous to other psychic forecasters of the future like, Punxsutawney Phil. Right.

Isn't it funny how we process these random coincidences, though? There must be some meaning behind the fact that it's a (drink) full moon and I sliced my finger. A black cat darted in front of my car. Great, it's going to be a crappy day. Why did I walk under that ladder? Surely I'm doomed now. I remember breaking a mirror when I was ten years old. I remember, because when I turned seventeen I thought, 'phew! Finally, a clean slate!' Not that anything particularly terrible happened (drink) during those seven years, but still. If you see a penny, do you pick it up? Do you knock on wood so as not to tempt fate? (Drink)

The tendency to believe particular objects or events are responsible for certain outcomes starts early. Eleanor has a lucky stuffy. Kaleb has a lucky soccer jersey.

But these superstitions seem to strengthen with age, because with age comes experience. I imagine (drink) people are looking for signs more and more during these challenging times. Signs of hope, signs of recovery, signs of life on the other side. What we are not looking for are signs of hardship or setbacks. Which, in addition to the narcissism, is a major reason I ditched my double yolk theory. Optimism is the only way to persevere these days. So I scrambled the eggs with extra vigor, and moved on. Take that second half of 2020!

*Editorial: Two hours after I posted this, Jame pointed out that we are only five months into the year. I'll just chalk this up to a blonde moment even though I am no longer really blonde.

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