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What the World Needs Now

Mom? Moooom? Mom? Mom? This word rings in my ears even if they're not actually saying it, which is rare. BCV, when I was out in public without the kids, I would jump to attention even if another kid called out for his or her mommy. Occasionally, my kids don't even follow up on their request for my attention. "Mom?, Mom? Mom?" "What?" Silence. What the hell? Were they just testing it out? See if I'm paying attention? It's infuriating.

Being home with them 24/7 with no end in sight has only amplified the situation. I'm hearing my name - I no longer (drink) identify myself as Jill - in my sleep. One night I sat straight up in bed, looking around for the culprit, only to realize they had seeped into my dreams. BCV, I had moments of reprieve, sometimes for hours at a time. But now...the grocery store is my only escape, and that's just plain depressing. (Drink)

I know I'm not alone in feeling the pressure because I've read many, many Facebook posts from parents who are literally crying alongside their kids as they navigate the unfamiliar territory of home schooling, (drink) many trying to juggle working at home, or even working night shifts, while doing so. This, of course, is all (drink) compounded with financial and health worries, with no definitive end in sight.

I am so sorry. This blog was intended to lighten the situation and here I am, Debbie Downer, pointing out the obvious negative feelings we're all battling. So, before you down another shot and add 'possible alcoholism' to your growing list of woes, let's lighten up with a few positives I drew from today.

Check out this amazing (drink) compilation of What the World Needs Now, Berklee students performed while social distancing.

Restaurants have also unleashed their creativity, revamping their entire business model in just a few days. But (drink) many establishments are not just trying to stay afloat; they are using their resources to make sure their employees get a paycheck and help the community in a time of desperate need.

Much of the revenue generated by the Rock Harbor Grille's new takeout offerings go toward aiding their employees. Over (drink) at Larry's PX and Grille 23, patrons receive a roll of toilet paper with their order. And like many distilleries, Truro Vineyards is using their equipment to produce hand sanitizer which they are giving away, asking only that recipients (drink) pay it forward (drink) when they can. Devil's Purse Brewery is aiding our entertainment needs by rating movies while waiting for customers to pick up their beer (though how Mandy received a 10/10, I'm not entirely sure). Generous donations have been made, even during this time of industry distress, including a $5,000 donation by the Wayside Inn to the food pantry. Finally, as mentioned in a previous post, Hangar B collaborated with Monomoy Community Services to bring free meals to local kids in need.

Restaurants aren't the only ones stepping up during the pandemic. Countless people have offered to pickup groceries for those (drink) who must stay home. I saw a post from someone offering free firewood. The local police did a (distance) surprise visit for a birthday boy followed by a drive-by birthday serenade by a friend.

There are positives out there - we just have (drink) to look for them. And when we find them, we have to focus on them. But we all need to vent. It's okay to cry and melt down and throw things. We are human, after all. Sure, it could (drink) always be worse. But that doesn't negate the hardships we are all experiencing. So don't beat yourself up if you can't tolerate another home school session and play hooky for a day. Don't feel guilty of the word "mommy" puts you over the edge. Know that you're not alone and your kids will not fail life (drink) if you just aren't cut out to be a home school teacher. What they need, more than anything, is reassurance, love, and a little bit of humor. Here's hoping I can bring that to you.

Coming tomorrow: my favorite Covid 19 memes.

*Why do you see the word "drink" peppered throughout this post? For further explanation please read the facts on my home page. If you find it distracting....I can relate. Cheers!

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