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WTF Wednesday

Today's WTF Wednesday is brought to you by Polly-O String Cheese.

Food has no place in the bathroom. I don’t understand what happened here. One of the kids was hungry, grabbed a cheese stick, had to go to the bathroom, brought the cheese stick along for the journey, and abandoned it? First off, I don’t see any situation that would justify bringing food anywhere near a toilet. Except (drink) maybe if you’re at the airport and you have to procure food for the flight and do a last minute bathroom run before takeoff. Even though the food is most likely in a bag, it still kind of skeeves me out.

Kids don’t think about stuff like that, though, so I can chalk the placement of the rejected snack up to kid brain. But this happened on July Fourth when, in addition to the seven people in our family, two sets of grandparents joined us for a cookout (good thing Baker increased the number of (drink) people allowed for gatherings - our family alone almost pushed the limit!). During the festivities, a few beers were consumed. So if you do the math (2 drinks/grownup over the course of three hours...and let’s be honest, two drinks is low) there had to be multiple trips to the bathroom. We do have other bathrooms, but it is highly unlikely a guest would have opted for a different restroom venue. And assuming everyone who used the bathroom washed (drink) his or her hands - which under normal circumstances is a valid assumption, but these days, a given - one would surmise that at least two sets of adult eyes, besides James and me, would have seen the sink-side cheese stick clearly out of its rightful habitat.

And yet, there it sat. All evening. Until the cookout was over and I went to turn the bathroom light off, cursing the kids out for always leaving it on while doing so, and stumbled upon the cheese basking in the warm July air. I wonder if our parents thought we had added a new amenity to our guest bathroom. Still hungry after the mounds of ribs and chicken you just consumed? Have a lukewarm cheese stick! Or maybe they found it funny (drink) and decided to leave it for entertainment. ‘Always something to chuckle about in this chaotic house!’ they must have thought. Perhaps they were trying to do me a favor. Let Jill discover it. She’s always looking for fresh blog material! (I assure you I am at no shortage for WTF Wednesday situations.) Whatever the reason, no one brought it to our attention - or to the trash - until it reached a state in cheese life from which there is no return.

As is our tradition upon incurring a WTF moment, I snapped a picture and sent it to James. Later, when I went to brush my teeth, a little gift sat waiting for me on the sink. Ha ha. (Drink) Two can play at that game. So I placed it in his underwear drawer. Come to think of it, he never mentioned it nor did it turn up for me to once again discover. I better investigate that....

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